Less than a week left…

With less than a week left for Robot-SM, we are pleased to announce that there will be a little more than 100 competitors. The registration is still open but if you do not want to compete, you’re more than welcome to be part of the audience. The event is for everyone, young and old, regardless of your background – everyone is welcome!

The event starts at 10:00 and is expected to last until approximately 17:00. You can also read more on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/793350830830783/

Robot-SM 2016 results

We would like to thank everybody participating in Robot-SM 2016, here is the results:

1:a Shuran Matias Sjögren
2:a Arminator Armin Khudhair
3:e Bender Omar Hatab
1:a Red Splash Mikael Spets
2:a Pink Panic Mikael Spets
3:e Blue Splash Mikael Spets
1:a Irish wrist watch Team Klorex 17.63
2:a Shiroitatchi TMT-robots (Matias Sjögren, Teodor Andersson) 22.13
3:a Hezarfen Team ROTEK 23.61
Linefollowing Advanced
1:a Irish wrist watch Team Klorex 26.04
2:a Cbulusaksak Team ROTEK 29.36
1:a Vändela Vändela


Results from Robot-SM 2015

Thanks for a fantastic Robot-SM! We hope that you had as much fun as we did!

Results from Robot-SM 2015:

1:a Bender Omar (Omar Hatab)
2:a SensorConfusion SensorConfusion (Niklas Cooke)
3:e Abraxas Warthogs (Simon Wieslander, Armin Khudhair)
1:a Akir5 p1r (Petter Forsberg)
1:a Lilla Mispe (Mikael Spets) 14.23
2:a Shiroitatchi TMT-robots (Matias Sjögren, Teodor Andersson) 14.52
1:a Pink Panic Team Mispe (Mikael Spets, Andreas Tiberto)
2:a Disco Princess YRGO DISCO (Tom Lidengren, Marwan Chahade, Marko Kontio, Johanna Baecklund, Johan Söderberg, Oskar Rundgren, Simon Johansson)
3:e Bella Mispe (Mikael Spets)

Photos from Robot-SM 2015

Lego sumo robot Swedish Robotics Championship 2015

We have decided to include Lego sumo for Swedish Robotics Championship 2015. Lego sumo is a very good first step for yougner competitors, but can still be a challange for experienced robot builders. The rules are the same as the one used at Robotchallange in Vienna, one of the biggest robotics competitions in the world.

The rules for sumo have been updated to reflect the change.