Robot-SM 2014 results

Thanks to all participants, volunteers and sponsors! Results from Robot-SM 2014: Minisumo 1:a Enova 2:a [SRF-KRIT]Malin 3:e Grisen 4:e Jänû Siers 夢 5:e Golvspawn Linefollowing 1:a Splinter and Rinzlotron 17.38 2:a Lilla 29.51 3:e Zimba 33.41 Folkrace 1:a iBaraPlast...

Live stream

The live stream is now online and can be reached on the following website: Watch live video from RobotSM on

Don’t forget to register!

The registration period ends rather soon. SO far we have very few participants. Make sure to register in time, and everything will be much easier both for us and for you, as well as a more fun competition (the more, the merrier)!