Robot-SM 2020 is cancelled


Some unfortunate news. We have made the decision to cancel this year’s Robot-SM.

Many have fond memories of this event and it was a heavy decision to make. It is partly due to the situation with COVID-19, but also that we have lacked the resources to handle the project – if you know any good project leaders please give us a call! Plans are underway for next year’s event and we will post new information as soon as we have a team ready. 

We as a board are also making some preparations in order to facilitate a smoother ride for anyone who wish to organize the project, such as: 
–    Providing a general vision for the event 
–    Listing what resources are available to the team 
–    Producing guidelines for handling sponsors 
–    Giving an expected timeline 
If you want to contact the board about the event, either to give feedback or show interest in joining the team, please use this form —> 

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