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CRF needs you!

As you hopefully are aware our society is driven by our members and is therefore in need of all the help we can get. With Robot-SM around the corner we are looking for members who could join in and help during the event as e.g. judges and hosts. Would you like to join in on the fun? Press the button below!

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Two days left!

Hello everyone! It is now only two days left before the competition and we just want to remind you to read up on the general information about the competition here. We have also had more registrations in the mini sumo competition which means that the competitions will...

Robot-SM this week!

Hello again! This Saturday it is finally time for Robot-SM! In the competitions mikrosumo as well as standardsumo there have not been any registered robots so far, which is why we are deciding not to hold these competitions. In the competitions minisumo as well...

Preliminary competition schedule

Hello all robot builders! We hope that your robots are coming along well! You can now find a preliminary schedule for the competition here.