What is Robot-SM?

Robot-SM is a competition and event which is open for all who are interested in future technologies. The event is arranged by Chalmers Robotics annually since 2006.
The purpose of the event is to meet other robot-interested people, exchange ideas and compare their robots. The purpose is to spread the technological interest of robotics.
The main attraction is the battle between autonomous robots in the competition Sumo, Line Following, Folkrace and Freestyle.

is a competition inspired by traditional Japanese sumowrestling, the robots goal is to wrestle or manoeuvre the opponent out of the ring with force and list.
The competition is divided into subclasses everything from Standardsumo (20x20cm with a weight of max 3kg) to Picosumo (1.25×1.25×1.25cm with a weight of max 5g). New from 2015 is Lego-sumo, where the robots may only be built from Lego-parts.

Linefollowing is a very classic competition for hobby robotics and test one the most elementary functions of an autonomous robot: to follow a line. The robot must follow the line as quick as possible without losing it, which might be harder than it seems.

Folkrace is competition where multiple robots compete to traverse a walled course. What is different with this competition from the others is that more than two robots compete at the same, which require the robots to handle more than one obstacle at the time. It’s a fun competition with lots of speed and chaos.

Freestyle is more of an exhibition where competitors can show off their creations that do not fit any other competition. Here, any robot may compete, regardless of size, appearance and function. Only the imagination and creativity sets the limits.

Chalmers Robotics Society is a society started in 2004 by robot-enthusiasts at Chalmers university of technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. The main goal of the society is the promote the interest for robots and technology and aims to be a platform for people interested in robotics both at Chalmers and outside of the school. More information is found at chalmersrobotics.se.