Welcome to Robot-SM 2017!

The competition takes place in Chalmers Student Union Restaurant in Chalmers Student Union Building, Johanneberg, Gothenburg Saturday 2017-05-13 10:00.


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Robot-SM 2016 results

We would like to thank everybody participating in Robot-SM 2016, here is the results:

1:a Shuran Matias Sjögren
2:a Arminator Armin Khudhair
3:e Bender Omar Hatab
1:a Red Splash Mikael Spets
2:a Pink Panic Mikael Spets
3:e Blue Splash Mikael Spets
1:a Irish wrist watch Team Klorex 17.63
2:a Shiroitatchi TMT-robots (Matias Sjögren, Teodor Andersson) 22.13
3:a Hezarfen Team ROTEK 23.61
Linefollowing Advanced
1:a Irish wrist watch Team Klorex 26.04
2:a Cbulusaksak Team ROTEK 29.36
1:a Vändela Vändela


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