Update: A smaller update for Advanced Linefollowing has been made 2014-04-27. Specification of how the robot shall act around the obstacle.

There are now updated rules for Swedish Robotics Championship 2014. The big changes for this year are:

Sumo: We will hold standard sumo also on wood if there is enough interest. This is an attempt to have more contestants in standard sumo.

Linefollowing: Added a defintion of what is considered as following a line. The size of the robot is further limited (from 40 cm long to 30 cm long, and the maximum mass is set to 3 kg). Sharp angles on the line is not allowed on the course, since this would mean that the radius is less than 7.5 cm.

Folkrace: A larger change of the competition format is made. Instead of finishing a heat when one robot reaches 5 laps, all heats will be run for 3 minutes. The competitors have the opportunity to have their robot corrected (such as if the robot is stuck or falls on it’s back) against a deduction of points. Possibility for additional obstacles on the track. The robot has to be able to complete a lap by itself to be allowed to compete. This is to remove robots that will only be road blocks to other robots. The robot shall be easy to pick up in the event of correction.

Make sure to check the page Competitions and rules for additional information. Remember to contact us if you have any doubts.