With less than a week left to this year’s edition of Robot-SM, here is some practical information for all participants. Are you not yet registered? Then make sure to do that as soon as possible via the tab Register above.

Please note that the times below are preliminary and may change as more participants register. In case of changes, this post will be updated.
10:00 Opening ceremony
10:20 Line following: test and timing
10:40 Minisumo: group play
11:50 Mikrosumo
12:30 Freestyle: assessment
13:20 Minisumo: final
13:30 Line following advanced: test and timing
14:00 Folkrace: heat
15:30 Freestyle: decision
16:00 Ending with award ceremony

Here is a graphical overview of the day.

From 09:00 there is the possibility for all participating robots to pass the obligatory weigh-in at the secretariat. Here, the robot is measured and weighed to ensure that it meets the rules. Please note that a robot that has not completed the weigh-in may not compete.

We will have a kiosk open all day with opportunities to buy snacks and sausages. During lunch, all participants will be invited to a baguette, picked up in the kiosk.

For questions, please contact us at info@robotsm.se

See you soon!